Automatically Deploy Your Applications to any Environment Without Scripts or Agents

Welcome to one-click deployment! XL Deploy is the #1 award-winning deployment automation solution to support DevOps and Continuous Delivery teams. With XL Deploy, you take the fast, easy route to seamless, end-to-end automated application delivery in the cloud and on premise. Start deploying 10x faster. XL Deploy also features out-of-the-box integration with all build, provisioning, middleware and cloud solutions.

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Transform Your Release Process Into Automated Continuous Delivery Pipelines

XL Release is an enterprise-class release management software for DevOps and Continuous Delivery. With XL Release, DevOps and Application teams can finally integrate release management and execution while providing a path to fully automated delivery pipelines, resulting in the faster delivery of software. Take a look at our blog post about moving from Excel to XL Release

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Define and Scale Environments Across Clouds & Dynamic Infrastructure

With XL Scale, creation of on-demand environments happens automatically or with a couple of simple, self-service clicks, accelerating development and testing and freeing up Operations resources with the security, auditability and visibility necessary to meet enterprise requirements.

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Execute and Optimize Complex Test Scripts Across Test Tools

XL Test is the first test management tool that allows you to define, execute and analyze all tests relevant to your application’s quality. Easily manage complex test sets, define appropriate test set and have them automatically configured for the test environment, execute tests across a wide, extensible spectrum of test tools. Explore our whitepaper, "Next Generation Testing: The Key to Continuous Delivery" for more information!

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