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Continuous Delivery Pipeline Orchestration & Visualization. Simple. Flexible. End-to-End.

  • End-to-End pipeline orchestration for Continuous Delivery and DevOps teams.
  • Analyze and progressively automate your release process while proving the benefits along the way.
  • Handle Pipeline dependencies, risk, and impact.

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Agentless, Model-based App Deployment. No More Scripts!

  • More content than you could ever imagine. Out of the box from WebSphere to Docker.
  • Stop writing scripts. Don't bother with workflows, they just don't scale.
  • Agentless across Windows, Unix & More.

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Execute and Optimize Complex Test Scripts Across Test Tools

  • Define, execute and analyze all tests relevant to your application's quality.
  • Easily manage complex test sets, define appropriate test sets and have them automatically configured for the test environment.
  • Execute tests across a wide, extensible spectrum of test tools.

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