Agentless, Model-based App Deployment. No More Scripts!

  • More content than you could ever imagine. Out of the box from WebSphere to Docker.
  • Stop writing scripts. Don't bother with workflows, they just don't scale.
  • Agentless across Windows, Unix & More.
Unique Agentless Architecture

Unique Agentless Architecture

XL Deploy is the only Application Release Automation solution that is agentless across all target platforms. Connect to Windows & Unix target systems using proven, industry standard remote protocols: no agent installation and maintenance, no overhead on the target systems, no firewall ports to be opened, and no security reviews. With XL Deploy, you can configure firewalls and security appliances, routers, mobile devices and all the target systems on which you will simply never be able to install a proprietary agent. Be ready for your deployment challenges in the world of the Internet of Things. For more information about the benefits of an agentless approach, read the research note.

Promote Your Applications from Development to Production

Promote Your Applications from Development to Production

Built-in reporting offers quality checks throughout deployment process. Easily extends out to other BI tooling. Visualization of your application deployment models. Pipeline dashboard for Continuous Delivery.

Take the Load Off Your Middleware Experts

Take the Load Off Your Middleware Experts

With XL Deploy, you no longer need to rely on one in-house expert, you’ll have a whole team of experts! Our award-winning, simple User Interface. Role-based security model and access control linked to your LDAP or other enterprise authentication service.

The Only Fully Automated Rollback

The Only Fully Automated Rollback

XL Deploy keeps track of all changes made to your environment, allowing it to automatically roll back from any point in the deployment plan. Un-deploy applications & return to previous versions with a few simple clicks, and implement fully-automated recovery and rollback policies.

Unrivalled Out-of-the-Box Content

Unrivalled Out-of-the-Box Content

XL Deploy has an unparalleled amount of content right out of the box. Plugins for all major middleware, including Java & .NET, as well as databases, load balancers, messaging systems and more. Out-of-the-box steps to deploy over 100 application and resource types and unique deployment profiles that capture middleware-specific dependencies

No More Scripting and Workflow Design

No More Scripting and Workflow Design

Declarative automation allows XL Deploy to generate optimal deployment plans for every deployment, automatically tailored to the current application and environment state. No workflow or script creation and continual maintenance required.

Enterprise Security & Centralized Auditing

Enterprise Security & Centralized Auditing

XL Deploy is specifically tailored to meet enterprise application deployment requirements. Unique agentless architecture for compatibility with standard public/private cloud images. Connect to Windows & Unix target systems using standard remote protocols on standard ports: no agent installation, no firewall ports to be opened, no security reviews etc.

Create Environments – Fast

Create Environments – Fast

Provisioning of on-demand environments happens automatically with XL Deploy. With a couple of simple, self-service clicks, accelerate development and testing environment creation and the overall speed of your software delivery.

Intelligent Global Deployment

Intelligent Global Deployment

Global Companies need an ARA solution that supports global deployments, especially when faced with slow or unreliable network connections. Agents don’t come in handy in these global roll out scenarios.

XL Satellite allows you to easily deploy to datacenters around the world with a minimal footprint. With one XL Satellite per data center, XL Deploy orchestrates your deployments across the globe, for example across a world-wide production environment or to disaster recovery environments located off-site. XL Satellite will automatically synchronize its configuration with the central XL Deploy server, keeping the administration overhead to a minimum.

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These instructions will help you get started with XL Deploy. If you haven't downloaded XL Deploy yet, you can do so here. You will receive your product license by email.

Before you install XL Deploy, ensure that you meet these prerequisites:

  • You have an XL Deploy license (deployit-license.lic)
  • The computer where you will install XL Deploy runs either:
    • Microsoft Windows
    • A Unix-family operating system (including Mac OS X)
  • Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 7 is installed
  • At least 2 GB of RAM is available
  • At least 70 MB of disk space is available
  • One of the following Web browsers is installed:
    • Internet Explorer 8.0 or later
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Safari
  • Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or later is installed

To install XL Deploy:

  1. Create the directory where you want to install XL Deploy, such as /opt/xebialabs/xl-deploy or C:\Program Files\XL Deploy. In these instructions, we refer to this directory as XLDEPLOY_SERVER_HOME.
  2. Extract the XL Deploy software archive in this directory.
  3. Optionally, install the XL Deploy command-line interface (CLI):
    1. Create the directory where you want to install the CLI, such as /opt/xebialabs/xl-deploy/cli or C:\Program Files\XL Deploy\CLI.
    2. Extract the XL Deploy CLI archive in this directory.
  4. Copy the XL Deploy license file (deployit-license.lic) to XLDEPLOY_SERVER_HOME/conf.
  5. Open a command prompt and navigate to XLDEPLOY_SERVER_HOME/bin.
  6. Execute one of the following commands to start the setup wizard:

    • On Unix: -setup
    • On Windows: server.cmd -setup

      Tip: If you want to stop the setup wizard at any time, type exitsetup and press ENTER.

  7. When the wizard asks if you want to use the simple setup, type yes and press ENTER.

  8. When the wizard asks for the password that you want to use for the XL Deploy admin user, type a password and press ENTER.
  9. Type the password again and press ENTER.
  10. When the wizard asks if you want XL Deploy to initialize the repository, type yes and press ENTER.
  11. When the wizard asks if you want to generate a new password encryption key, type no and press ENTER.
  12. The wizard shows a summary of the configuration that it will use to set up XL Deploy. Type yes and press ENTER. After setup is complete, the wizard shows the message Finished setup.
  13. Execute one of the following commands to start XL Deploy:
    • On Unix:
    • On Windows: server.cmd

After XL Deploy has started, the message XL Deploy Server has started appears.

To log in to XL Deploy:

  1. In a Web browser, go to http://localhost:4516. The XL Deploy log-in screen appears.
  2. In the User box, enter admin.
  3. In the Password box, enter the password that you specified in the setup wizard.
  4. Optionally select Keep me logged in.
  5. Click Login.

After XL Deploy is installed and you have logged in, you can:





Visual Studio


BYO Cloud

Team Foundation Server



IBM WebSphere MQ

Oracle WebLogic

RedHat JBoss Application Server Up to 6

Oracle Service Bus

Oracle Glassfish

IBM WebSphere Process Server

IBM Websphere Application Server



Apache Tomcat




Apache mod_loadbalancer

BYO Load Balancer

Microsoft SQL Server

Oracle DB




Citrix NetScaler

File Manager

Run Commands


Manual Actions



Deployment Tests