Live Demo

Live Demo - Continuous Delivery at Enterprise Scale

You will discover:

  • How to deploy your legacy (Java, .net or other) or Container-based applications from Dev to Prod with XL Deploy without having to write and maintain scripts
  • How to collaborate more efficiently around a corporate delivery pipeline while integrating all your tools (Git, Jenkins, JIRA, ServiceNow, etc.) in order to improve fluidity, visibility and time to market
  • How our solutions help our large enterprise customers implement DevOps across hundreds of teams / users / applications

We promise, we will focus on demos instead of long marketing speeches!

Join us for this 1h30 minutes interactive session.

Webcast Details

Title: Live Demo Continuous Delivery at Enterprise Scale
Who: XebiaLabs | Rob Vanstone | Phil Knight
Date: Tuesday, 23 January at 3 PM GMT
Duration: 1.5 hours

Xebialabs Panelists: Rob Vanstone and Phil Knight