On-Demand Webinar

A DevSecOps Demo: Early, Everywhere, At Scale

In Crossing the DevOps and Infosec Divide, Gene Kim and experts from Sonatype and XebiaLabs gave an overview of the common challenges enterprise teams are facing — and discussed some of the practices high performing teams are finding successful — in bridging the DevOps and Information Security divide.

Watch part two of this DevSecOps on-demand webinar series, and see real-world use cases of DevSecOps in practice.

During this recording, Ilkka Turunen, Solutions Architect at Sonatype, and Rob Vanstone, Principal Sales Engineer at XebiaLabs, also outline how security fits into the DevOps process, discuss the essential requirements for integrating security in a DevOps-native world, as well as the key metrics to look for to ensure DevSecOps success.