All Roads Lead to DevOps


Different situations, different teams, and different requirements call for different ways to approach your software delivery initiatives. Your road to success might mean taking the highway or a shortcut to get the job done. However, regardless of your cloud, container, security, compliance, or ITSM goals, all roads eventually lead to the same destination…DevOps.

Industry thought leader and award-winning author Gene Kim, and XebiaLabs Vice President of Customer Success, T.j. Randall, discuss various strategies IT teams can use to succeed with their DevOps journey without getting lost on the way.

Attendees will learn:

  • How initiatives such as cloud, container, security, compliance, and ITSM rely on DevOps practices and drive DevOps implementations
  • Examples of different IT roles and how each approaches DevOps
  • How to start small and get on the right path for a scalable DevOps transformation
team - gene-kim.jpg

Gene Kim Industry thought leader and award-winning author

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T.j. Randall Vice President of Customer Success, XebiaLabs

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