Avoid Troubled Waters: Building a Bridge Between ServiceNow and CI/CD


DevOps has made great strides in reducing bottlenecks in the software delivery process. Yet, it is surprising how many organizations keep DevOps on a separate track from long-established IT service management (ITSM) implementations and systems such as ServiceNow. Consequently, development teams find it challenging to track features, user stories, and IT service requests across different tools for backlog management and ITSM.

But how do they make sure tickets are closed when the work is complete? How can they ensure compliance? And can they answer the ultimate question: Which feature actually made it into which release?

In the web seminar you will learn how to:

  • Integrate service ticketing with your CI/CD pipeline
  • Connect features and user stories to change tickets and successfully automate code-to-production feature tracking
  • Eliminate all the manual ticket updates every developer hates
  • Achieve automated governance, compliance, and reporting requirements
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