Building a Software Chain of Custody: A Guide for CTOs, CIOs, and Enterprise DevOps Teams

Date: Feb. 26
Time: 3pm CET/9am EST
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Ensure Compliance, Reduce Risk, & Eliminate Audit Hell with Software Chain of Custody

Compliance is a fact of life. And whether you’re a software developer, CIO, compliance manager, or product owner, proving compliance across the software delivery lifecycle has been a tough, time-consuming and frustrating process. Until now.

XebiaLabs Software Chain of Custody provides everything you need to visualize, monitor, and prove the integrity of your software delivery pipelines on demand. Push the button, get the report. You’re done. No more audit hell.

With the Software Chain of Custody, everyone wins. Dev teams can stop digging through log files and piecing together data. InfoSec teams get the info they need in the format they need it. And senior managers have visibility into the entire software delivery process.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Visualize the complete software delivery cycle
  • Ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and track and monitor metrics
  • Automatically capture the evidence needed to prove the compliance of your software delivery pipelines
  • Gain insights into people, process, and activities to better optimize software roadmaps

Meet your presenters:

Dan Beauregard
VP of Cloud & DevOps Evangelist

Andreas Prins
VP of Product Strategy

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