Container Shangri-La: Attaining the Promise of Container Paradise


Today’s forward-thinking companies are investigating container technology as a way to deliver software faster. But most implementations and typical container tools focus primarily on the technology of creating and running containers. Now, as IT teams have learned how to work with containers, companies are challenged with how to run containers at scale and standardize and manage release processes across hundreds of applications. The ephemeral and disposable nature of containers requires significant effort to keep track of rapidly-changing container deployments, manage dependencies between multiple microservices, and enforce security, audit, and compliance processes.

  • Why writing custom code and scripts aren’t the answer to your container challenges
  • How to successfully expand and scale the use of containers to deploy applications
  • The framework needed to provide mission-critical, enterprise-focused capabilities

Find out from Rob Stroud, CPO of XebiaLabs and former DevOps Analyst at Forrester Research, where containers fall short and how to bridge the gap between the promise of containers and the realities of complex enterprise application delivery.

Harnessing the power of containers for releasing software at enterprise scale has never been so easy!

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