Date: December 19, 2019
Time: 1pm ET

What trends will we see in the DevOps space as we head into the new year? Will the climate be cloudy with a chance of security risk? Or will we see sun and developer satisfaction?

DevOps enthusiast Gene Kim joins us for this special, end-of-year forecast to take a look back at some 2019 industry highlights and predict what’s to come next!

Register now for the live webinar to hear our recap of the most significant developments and what we see on the DevOps radar, including:

  • DevOps as a Service
  • The role of cloud technology
  • Fostering developer autonomy
  • DataOps, GitOps, NoOps, OpsOps
  • And more…

While December may bring wintry weather, we assure you this webinar will be a scorcher as DevOps continues to be a hot topic in the IT world.


Derek Langone

Derek Langone
CEO, XebiaLabs

Gene Kim
DevOps Thought Leader, Author

T.J. Randall
Vice President of Customer Success, XebiaLabs

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