What trends will we see in the DevOps space as we head into the new year? Will the climate be cloudy with a chance of security risk? Or will we see sun and developer satisfaction?

Watch this special retrospective with DevOps enthusiast Gene Kim, XebiaLabs CEO Derek Langone, and XebiaLabs VP of Customer Success T.j. Randall for industry highlights and developments from 2019, as well as predictions for the year to come!

Topics covered during this session included:

  • How DevSecOps has become prevalent throughout all industries
  • Why data will be big in the coming year
  • The impact of DevOps on human beings and their day-to-day work


Derek Langone

Derek Langone
CEO, XebiaLabs

Gene Kim
DevOps Thought Leader, Author

T.J. Randall
Vice President of Customer Success, XebiaLabs

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