On-Demand Webinar

DevOps Best Practices

Managing and Scaling Release Automation in the Enterprise Using Visual and Code-centric Methods

Release pipeline orchestration has become an essential foundation for successfully coordinating and scaling Continuous Delivery across the enterprise. But in order for any DevOps change to succeed — be it cultural or process-oriented — enterprises must consider the diverse needs and preferences of their teams. They need processes and tools that match their capabilities and work style.

There’s a lot of buzz now about managing releases as code. Developers love being able to define everything in manageable artifacts. But managing pipelines as code is only a part of a much bigger picture, not the core solution. Learn best practices for release orchestration using flexible approaches that work for team members across the enterprise.

In this on-demand webinar presented by XebiaLabs Founder and CTO, Vincent Partington along with VP of Products, Tim Buntel you will learn more about these best practices as well as:

  • How to bring intelligence, automation, visibility, and control to your release pipelines
  • Pitfalls to avoid when using code as your primary method to manage releases
  • How you can ensure compliance requirements in your release process are met regardless of the method used