DevOps Hits Adolescence – what’s next?


DevOps Hits Adolescence – what’s next?

It’s hard to believe, but DevOps has been around for nearly ten years. From its specialist “unicorn” origins to a broadly accepted set of principles adopted by companies of all sizes and stripe, it’s been one of the most transformative movements in information technology since the PC. What comes next? In this wide-ranging webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst and DevOps Lead, Charles Betz, will take on:

  • The transforming I&O organization: Integrated product teams, SRE, GitOps, and “code-first” operations
  • Cognitive DevOps
  • DevOps and the automation paradox
  • DevOps and Enterprise Service Management
  • The convergence of continuous integration, release automation, and configuration management
  • Cloud providers’ play for the DevOps pipeline

Come and hear Forrester’s predictions and 2019 research agenda review for DevOps in its broader context of digital transformation.

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