DevSecOps: The Missing Link in Delivering on the Promise of Business Velocity


There is one constant in all our lives –– change! Change is accelerating with disruptive technologies fueling business models across every vertical from banking to public services. To deliver and succeed with innovation at speed, IT organizations must accelerate their release velocity­­ while maintaining quality and security.

For many, the transition to DevOps starts small, in a single team or a new project. This often involves cobbled together open source solutions with little to no security. To scale effectively, deploying daily, hourly, or even more frequently, requires organizations to engage security in all aspects of software development and deployment. Join Rob Stroud, Gene Kim, and James Wickett as they share market trends, tips, and techniques to incorporate security into the complete DevOps lifecycle.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • Explain core DevSecOps principles
  • Identify the key components of DevSecOps in the software development lifecycle
  • Analyze the development lifecycle and select the appropriate security techniques to incorporate
  • Develop techniques to transition skills to product teams
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