On-Demand Webinar

Enabling Accelerated Application Delivery Through Sophisticated Test Automation

Featured Speakers:

Andrew Phillips, XebiaLabs

The whole point of a pipeline is to build sufficient confidence in the quality and risk level of a candidate release so that you can make good go/no-go decisions. In order to achieve this, it is essential to transform testing from a manual craft carried out by the “QA team over there” into an integrated, highly automated activity visible to all stakeholders at all times in the pipeline.

During this webinar, Andrew Phillips, VP, Product Management, XebiaLabs will discuss the challenges inherent in today’s testing practices and how to:

  • Maintain an overall risk and quality perspective amidst the ever-growing number of tests and test tools 
  • Determine the most efficient test sets required to validate a particular feature to a desired risk and quality level in a feasible amount of time 
  • Move beyond simple “Did all the tests pass?” evaluations to more realistic criteria for making smart go/no-go decisions.