From Chaos to Compliance: The New Digital Governance for DevOps


DevOps and related trends (cloud-native, digital transformation, etc.) are unquestionably mainstream, but they still come with difficulties. Many organizations are struggling with outdated governance models that slow down digital innovation, while not effectively reducing risk. Plan/build/run, stage-gated checklists, and approval boards are losing favor, but what will replace them? Risk management is still critical.

In this webinar, special guest Charles Betz, Forrester Principal Analyst, will join Dan Beauregard, VP, Cloud & DevOps Evangelist at XebiaLabs, to discuss:

  • The role of an integrated, end-to-end release pipeline in ensuring auditability and standards compliance
  • The evolution and automation of change and release management and the decline of the Change Approval Board
  •  Chaos and resilience engineering as the basis for a new governance model

Dan Beauregard

VP, Cloud & DevOps Evangelist at XebiaLabs

Charles Betz

Forrester Principal Analyst

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