Get DevOps Right – Demo


DevOps is about delivering faster while enabling everyone to work in their own environment, collaborate with one another, and comply with organisational standards.

Reduce your time-to-market while offering quality and freedom for developers. Also, get operational insight into what happens during the end-to-end software delivery process.

In a live production environment, we’ll show you how the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform allows you to:

  • Complement your existing development tools to release software to production
  • Bake compliance into the release process
  • Reduce errors within your repetitive, often manual, deployment activities
  • Easily incorporate small code changes into the bigger enterprise releases
  • Drive your GitHub releases at scale
  • Orchestrate and scale container deployments
  • Measure time-to-market from idea to production

Rob Vanstone, Technical Director, XebiaLabs

Andreas Prins, VP of Product Strategy, XebiaLabs

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