Grow DevOps Across Every Role in Your Organization


As DevOps principles have gained widespread popularity across industries, it has become more and more clear that company culture plays a vital role in an organization’s success with following DevOps practices. Achieving goals such as delivering features to users faster, reducing application downtime, and continuously improving software delivery processes requires a culture of innovation, as well as buy-in from teams and leadership. But how do you nurture all the various roles in your organization so your DevOps practices can thrive, and your IT team can grow as one?

In this demonstration, you’ll see how the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform benefits:

  • Product Owners – concerned with the business perspective on the pipeline and delivery features
  • DevOps Team Members – focused on implementing a high degree of automation in the pipeline
  • Release Managers – involved with overseeing the release process
  • DevOps Executives – dedicated to tracking their teams’ progress toward their DevOps goals

Amy Johnston, Senior Product Manager, XebiaLabs

Rob Vanstone, Technical Director, XebiaLabs

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