On-Demand Webinar

Jenkins CI + XebiaLabs for Release Orchestration: A Recipe for Continuous Delivery Success

Companies have seen tremendous benefits from their early Continuous Delivery (CD) initiatives. Activities such as Continuous Integration, deployment automation, and automated tests have all contributed to faster release cycles, higher quality releases, and much greater DevOps efficiency.

As enterprises look to continue to improve their release pipelines and keep up with ever-increasing business demands, release pipeline orchestration becomes essential for successful CD.

In this on-demand webinar, Tim Buntel, VP of Products at XebiaLabs discusses:

  • What release pipeline orchestration is, and why it is essential for successful CD
  • How to bring intelligence, automation, visibility, and control to your release pipelines
  • Key release orchestration requirements needed to implement CD at enterprise scale
  • How to complement your current investment in Jenkins CI with XebiaLabs to accomplish true enterprise CD