On-Demand Webinar

The Future of Software Delivery in Enterprise IT

Apprenda and XebiaLabs focus on the realities of accelerating software delivery in complex enterprise IT environments.

Featured Speakers:

  • Andrew Phillips — VP of Product Management, XebiaLabs
  • Matt Ammerman — Co-Founder and VP of Client Services, Apprenda

For all enterprises, software has become the competitive currency. As a result, the demands from the business to provide new software functionality quickly, regularly and reliably are growing like never before.

At the same time, the nature of application development and delivery is undergoing significant change. Cloud, Virtualization, Agile, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, microservices, containers and more are all providing new options for infrastructure and runtime platforms to support modern software delivery.

How can enterprises respond? Is it time to start over with a greenfield environment, ignore all the existing investment and applications, and hire a bunch of outside experts?


Join Apprenda and XebiaLabs for a webinar focused on the realities of accelerating software delivery in complex enterprise IT environments.

Key Topics for Discussion Include:

  • How to leverage existing investments in cloud, virtualization, and other technologies and deliver them as a policy-driven, self-service application platform for developers
  • How to identify the biggest bottleneck to faster delivery so that improvements and investments can be targeted to where they will deliver the greatest benefit
  • How to measure whether your delivery process is actually improving, and demonstrate value for your investments

In short, learn how enterprise PaaS and Continuous Delivery orchestration combine to provide a rock solid foundation for superior software delivery in even the most complex enterprise IT environments.