Measure Your DevOps Success: Using Goal-based KPIs to Drive Results and Demonstrate ROI

Connecting Jenkins

Is your organization implementing DevOps but struggling to fully understand the impact of your initiatives? Are you making decisions “in the dark,” based on incomplete and subjective data… or even on feelings? How do you know which processes work the best? And how do you show the ROI of all your hard work?

Come see how the latest advances in DevOps innovation will help you meet your DevOps goals faster! The first goal-based DevOps Intelligence solution, XL Impact calculates and tracks the health of your Continuous Delivery pipeline with integrated KPIs. It combines DevOps best practices with historical analysis, machine learning, and data from across your toolchain to show trends, predict outcomes, and recommend actions. Learn how DevOps Intelligence will help you optimize your delivery pipeline and drive ROI for your organizational transformation.

Get insights into…

  • Which DevOps ‘best practices’ metrics to monitor to meet key software delivery goals
  • How to clearly demonstrate results and ROI of your initiatives
  • How DevOps Intelligence can provide guidance for optimizing Continuous Delivery pipelines
  • Why cross-pipeline correlation of data is crucial for risk assessment and process improvement
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