On-Demand Webinar

On the Road to Shangri-La: Scaling CD from Teams to the Enterprise

Enterprises today have hundreds to thousands of applications. The typical evolution of DevOps often leads to the enterprise having just as many deployment pipelines. When each pipeline is developed independently, it is impossible to scale without increasingly consuming resources.

Product teams need to work together for accelerated velocity, expanding beyond the team to enterprise scale. This requires a series of supported pipelines across the complete lifecycle allowing all team participants to understand the process.

Technology is simply one component. Success with pipelines is built on a set of standard templates which are leveraged and configured by product teams. This enables comparison of different pipelines’ effectiveness and creates continuous feedback.

By watching this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Understand team dynamics across the pipeline
  • Scale the demands of concurrent applications, developer needs, and deploy & release rates
  • Deliver adequate security with comprehensive collaboration capabilities
  • Enable visibility into the effectiveness of each pipeline, including reporting on KPIs
  •  Architect a process for oversight and management at scale

Rob Stroud
Chief Product Officer

Gene Kim
Author, Researcher
IT Revolution