Online Customer Meetup: Auditing and Reporting


IT audits are one of those necessary evils that DevOps teams often suffer through — spending hundreds of hours consolidating screenshots, spreadsheets, emails, etc. that document what happened during their application releases. It also requires pulling critical resources away from essential tasks to compile these assets before handing them over to Security, Compliance, and Audit teams to then interpret this evidence. Using our auditing and reporting capabilities, you can capture software chain of custody evidence for everything that happens in your software delivery pipeline, and understand what changed in Production, when and where the changes were made, who authorized them, and how they were done.

In this customer-only online meetup, we will:

  • Give an introduction to auditing and reporting, and the role they play in software chain of custody
  • Share how our push-button audit report provides comprehensive auditability for every release with a single click
  • Show how you can generate and export the release audit report for a single release or multiple releases at once, based on criteria that you specify
  • Walk you through our reporting dashboard, and how you can create your own custom dashboards
  • Have a live discussion in which you can ask questions about auditing and reporting

Watch this online meetup to learn how to get started with auditing and reporting so that you can stop wasting time, money, and resources by turning audits into a quick and painless task.

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