Online Customer Meetup: Custom Tile Creation


It is incredibly important to monitor your entire release pipeline at all times to get a clear and up-to-date status of how things are going across tools and systems, from code to production. However, sometimes that data isn’t easily available or visible in a way that allows you to make faster and more informed decisions. This is where our release dashboards come in. Release dashboards are a customizable view where you can add, configure, move, and remove tiles that highlight the most important information for each release.

In this customer-only online meetup, we will:

  • Give an introduction to custom tile creation and the benefit they provide in disseminating information on dashboards
  • Learn what the synthetic.xml file is and how to define a custom tile in it
  • Build a python script to pull the JSON data for the tile
  • Build an HTML file to display the JSON data
  • Show how to add your new tile to a dashboard within XL Release

Watch this online meetup to learn how to get started with building custom tiles and turn data into reporting metrics that can be displayed on your dashboards.

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