Online Customer Meetup: DevOps as Code


DevOps as Code is an approach that allows teams to define all of the components of their DevOps pipeline in code: environments, infrastructure, deployment packages, release templates, dashboards, and more. With DevOps as Code, the end-to-end software delivery pipeline can be version-controlled, shared across the organization, and audited with ease.

In this customer-only online meetup, we will:

  • Give an introduction to the DevOps as Code approach
  • Take a look at the benefits of defining software delivery components as code
  • Show how it works in the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform
  • Have a live discussion in which you can ask questions about DevOps as Code

Watch this one-hour online meetup to learn how to get started with DevOps as Code so that your end-to-end software delivery pipeline becomes something that you can version-control, share across the organization, and audit with ease.

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