On-Demand Webinar

Seamless Automated Test Management at Scale

To be competitive in the age of agile and continuous delivery, websites must deliver robust applications with compelling, intuitive user experiences—especially at scale.

As test managers and development teams increasingly depend on automated testing as a crucial part of their development lifecycle, they also must contend with the end result – more tests to manage and more test results to interpret. New best practices are needed to manage all of these test tools, interpret their results and to ensure testing is a seamless part of their release process.

Hear from Jeroen Ruijgers, a software engineer focused on test automation at bol.com and Viktor Clerc, product manager at XebiaLabs, to learn proven practices for managing automated tests across a spectrum of test tools.

Learn how to optimize your automated testing process by:

  • Using test slaves to slice up large test suites into multiple, parallel-run parts
  • Quickly identifying tests with above-average duration that require special attention
  • Providing tooling and support for quickly rerunning tests
  • Reporting on trends across development teams, applications, and components
  • Implementing practices that scale