On-Demand Webinar

Ship Better Software Faster (Without Breaking Everything)

Large organizations are increasingly turning to DevOps and Continuous Delivery principles, often with the goal of shipping better software faster. However, they're then faced with important considerations for scaling these processes across teams and in diverse environments while still maintaining the visibility and control necessary for compliance.

In this on-demand webinar, hear from Matt Meservey, Director of Product Management at SaltStack and Andrew Phillips, VP of DevOps Strategy at XebiaLabs, as they discuss:

  • Practical advice and tips gleaned from the large organizations they have helped implement and scale DevOps and Continuous Delivery initiatives for
  • How to focus your initiatives on practicing improvement not just practicing “DevOps”
  • How the combination XebiaLabs and SaltStack accelerates the software cycle, delivers advanced automation capabilities, enables data-driven improvement and provides continuous insight into your end-to-end software release process in a way other tools simply cannot