On-Demand Webinar

The DevOps Journey — Implementing Enterprise DevOps Without Killing Bottom-up Innovation

As organizations begin to roll out DevOps at scale they are finding that a free-wheeling approach to tooling and process struggles with enterprise requirements for visibility, security, and control. IT leaders are left grappling with how to standardize on an enterprise toolkit and approach that meets their needs without killing the teams’ self-organization, spirit, and collaborative approach that drive more efficiency and responsiveness.

Join Dick van der Sar, Global Thought Leader DevOps, Atos, and Andrew Phillips, VP of DevOps Strategy, XebiaLabs, for a webinar that will cover the challenges and solutions faced by enterprises as they begin on their DevOps journey. Attend the session and learn how to strike a balance between team autonomy and enterprise standardization.

The session will also cover:

  • Tips for moving DevOps into the mainstream enterprise while retaining the “DevOps spirit” of self-determination and initiative
  • How to build and manage an enterprise DevOps platform that harnesses the tooling and processes you already have in place
  • The crucial role of the orchestrator of automation of IT processes with various technologies and tools involved