The DevOps Shangri-La: Mystical Claims of Paradise


DevOps success is elusive to most, but why? What gets in the way of implementing a DevOps strategy?

Here are a few of the issues that keep enterprises from building momentum and excelling with their DevOps strategies:

  • Where do I start? (Good news…you probably already started!)
  • What approach is best and how do I sort through the noise? (The hard truth is that every situation is unique…but manageable)
  • Is DevOps simply a hot-topic trend? (Like it or not, DevOps is here to stay…you may as well do it right)
  • The magic bullet promise of DevOps! (You already know it; there are no magic bullets)

There is help!

Find out from Rob Stroud, CPO of XebiaLabs and former DevOps Analyst at Forrester Research, how to make sense of the myriad of tools and approaches that reside under the DevOps umbrella. Come away with a better understanding of how to determine your situation and start on the path to improvement.

See how Continuous Delivery is the path to your DevOps success!

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