On-Demand Webinar

The Forgotten Secret to DevOps Success: Measurement

We all know the CAMS model of DevOps: Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing. Unfortunately, many DevOps teams never get to the measurement part. But what if measurement is the secret ingredient to true DevOps success?

The most innovative organizations use metrics to measure the right things so they can make their DevOps awesome. You want to measure the right things too, but where should you start? You need to know what you want to measure, what not to measure, and what to watch out for.

Join XebiaLabs and special guest, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO and Chief Scientist of DORA, and an expert in metrics and psychometrics in software delivery, to learn more about the key outcomes that every organization should measure, and why they are important in driving value. (Hint: they have been shown to impact profitability, productivity, market share, customer satisfaction, accomplishing mission goals, and efficiency.)

Dr. Forsgren will discuss the capabilities needed to drive improvement in your key outcomes — the levers that teams and organizations can turn to make a real difference. You'll come away from this webinar with a better understanding of how to use these levers to improve your key outcomes and drive value for your organization.