On-Demand Webinar

Top Enterprise DevOps Lessons for 2016

As DevOps and Continuous Delivery slip further into the mainstream, the question for most enterprises is becoming less “What is DevOps?” and more “How do we get started?”.

Hear from Andrew Phillips, VP of DevOps Strategy at XebiaLabs, as he looks back at lessons learned from implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery initiatives in 2015 and what it means for 2016. Discover key takeaways that can help you make 2016 the year of DevOps in your organization.

In addition, you'll hear:

  • The essential skills required to implement Continuous Delivery and DevOps at enterprise scale
  • How to strike a balance between culture and tooling
  • Actionable advice spun from real-world enterprise DevOps implementations
  • How to avoid the pitfalls that delay transformation
  • Predictions for the DevOps tech horizon in 2016