Latest XebiaLabs Release Helps Enterprises Scale DevOps with Customizable Risk Intelligence, High Availability, and Standard Release Processes for Cloud & Container Platforms

XebiaLabs DevOps Platform version 7.5 focuses on the complex needs of enterprise IT teams

BOSTON, MA – December 19, 2017 – XebiaLabs, the recognized leader in enterprise-class DevOps and Continuous Delivery software, today announced major advances for scaling enterprise DevOps with its latest release of the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform, version 7.5. The new version focuses on the critical needs of enterprise IT teams, enabling them to quickly identify software delivery risk with customizable risk intelligence, easily utilize cloud and containers within their enterprise software delivery processes, and apply cross-pipeline DevOps Intelligence to analyze the business impact of DevOps.

Succeeding with DevOps across the Enterprise Requires Intelligent and Scalable Tools

As large enterprises roll out DevOps initiatives, they need to ensure that teams from every corner of the organization follow a consistent process and implement automation to increase efficiency and reliability, regardless of the technology stack or architecture used by their specific business unit. They must also provide their teams with a stable environment for their release pipeline. As these organizations adopt DevOps and Continuous Delivery more widely and roll out software releases much more frequently, the challenges become exponentially more complex. Enterprises need powerful deployment automation, release orchestration, and DevOps Intelligence tools to run frequent, large-scale software releases and get critical focused insights that keep releases on track.

XebiaLabs DevOps Platform 7.5 Highlights

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform 7.5 addresses these challenges with the following key enhancements.

1. Customizable Risk Intelligence

XebiaLabs introduced the concept of Risk Intelligence earlier this year with the addition of a risk score calculated for each release. Based on the score, teams receive automatic alerts when release delivery is at risk, helping them monitor activity at scale, focus their limited attention on areas of greatest need, and avert failures before they occur. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform version 7.5 expands this feature and introduces the market’s first-ever Customizable Risk Profiles. Now organizations can create specific risk profiles that define risk thresholds for each release. No longer “one size fits all,” risk assessments and notifications are now based on flexible team- and context-specific definitions. This Customizable Risk Intelligence helps teams accurately identify and evaluate risk in all the different situations their organizations face and provides an automated layer of governance, control, and auditability.

2. High Availability and Scalability for the DevOps Pipeline

In addition to excellent performance and usability, enterprise DevOps tooling requires effective failover mechanisms to ensure teams can run their releases frequently and reliably. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform 7.5 empowers organizations to set up a high-uptime Continuous Delivery infrastructure by running the platform in an Active/Active cluster, ensuring that a server failure or network outage does not prevent teams from releasing and deploying software.

3. A Multitude of Cloud and Container Integrations that Help Companies Transform to Modern IT Platforms

To stay competitive, enterprises need a proven path to migrate their applications to use the latest technologies, which today means moving to cloud and container architectures. With 7.5, XebiaLabs rounds out its portfolio of tightly-integrated plugins for cloud and container technologies, delivering support for a total of 16 new technologies in 2017 and including integrations for AWS EBS, AWS VPC, AWS ECS, AWS S3, AWS RDB, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Azure Compute, Azure Container Instance, Azure Functions, Azure Blob Storage, Azure App Services, Kubernetes, Google Container Engine, and OpenShift.

4. DevOps Intelligence

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform 7.5 also includes last month’s groundbreaking release of XL Impact, the industry’s only KPI-based DevOps Intelligence solution. XL Impact is the first goal-based DevOps Intelligence solution that optimizes DevOps performance and measures the business impact of DevOps initiatives. Guided by XL Impact’s integrated KPIs and predictive analytics, enterprises can optimize their software delivery pipelines, mitigate release risk, and drive ROI for their DevOps initiatives.

5. Streamlined Enterprise DevOps at Scale

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform 7.5 also delivers several other enhancements to ensure DevOps success at scale, including a new inline code editor to support Dual-mode enterprise DevOps, improved reporting and filtering, a redesigned release dashboard, upgraded back-end database technology for substantially faster performance, and myriad other usability advances.


The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform version 7.5 is available immediately.

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