XebiaLabs Signs Agreement With MTP to Optimize DevOps and Continuous Delivery Offerings

BOSTON, MA - May 27, 2015 - MTP, a leading Spanish consulting firm specializing in software quality assurance, software testing and engineering services, today announced a partnership with XebiaLabs, a leading provider of software delivery automation solutions for DevOps and Continuous Delivery. The agreement will enable MTP to provide the automation, efficiency and insights that organizations need to meet the demand for faster software deployment cycles.

With the agreement, XebiaLabs announces its international expansion with new market availability in South America and continued growth across Europe. As part of the MTP partner network, XebiaLabs’ tools are officially available in Spain, Brazil and Mexico for large enterprises that build complex software applications.

MTP helps companies to ensure the proper functioning of interfaces and interoperability between different systems in production environments, with consequent savings in non-quality costs. MTP provides experience in Integration Testing, Certification Testing and End User Testing in order to reduce risks and service failures which can damage reputations or cause financial and time losses for clients.

MTP provides quality knowledge to help define interface implementation, enabling control and minimizing risks associated with launches of poorly constructed software.

“Companies that can’t keep pace with today’s standards for software updates and development are at a disadvantage in the global marketplace,” said Andrew Phillips, Vice President of Product Management at XebiaLabs. “Our partnership with MTP expands access in South America and Europe to software automation capabilities, bringing a competitive advantage to enterprises in these regions and reinforcing XebiaLabs’ commitment to our clients.”

“MTP’s expertise in testing perfectly complements XebiaLabs’ innovation in DevOps and Continuous Delivery,” said Mamdouh Elcuera, COO of MTP Spain. “The two firms share the same fundamental beliefs about the rapidly evolving application development market, which is growing more complex every day.Developers must find and fix integration problems continuously, avoiding the chaos of last minute when deadlines are approaching.”

MTP’s new partner, XebiaLabs, provides lightweight, plug-and-play solutions for DevOps, Continuous Delivery, deployment automation, release pipeline orchestration and test management and analytics, helping teams build a delivery automation platform step by step.

About XebiaLabs

XebiaLabs develops enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery and DevOps software, providing companies with the visibility, automation and control they need to deliver software faster and with less risk. Global market leaders rely on XebiaLabs to meet the increasing demand for accelerated and more reliable software releases.

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