XebiaLabs’ Deployit plugin for Jenkins now available on the CloudBees Platform

“The end-result for our customers is releasing higher quality software, delivered faster.”

XebiaLabs, the leading provider of delivery acceleration software, today announced that the XebiaLabs Deployit plugin for Jenkins is now available for CloudBees Platform users through the Jenkins update channel.

The CloudBees Platform provides DEV@cloud, a set of development services that solve the most common bottlenecks throughout the application development lifecycle, helping development teams to accelerate software delivery. DEV@cloud is based on the Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) server, the most popular open source CI platform. Jenkins excels at automating and monitoring iterative development processes such as builds, tests and other tasks. Along with development services, the CloudBees Platform also includes runtime services.

Deployit is a fully-automated Application Release Automation solution that allows companies to carry out and scale application deployments across all middleware and cloud environments. With today’s announcement, DEV@cloud users will be able to access and install the Deployit plugin to automate enterprise middleware deployments from Jenkins in a couple of simple clicks. No more handcrafted deployment scripts or jobs that need constant tweaking and updating!

“We wanted to make it easier for CloudBees DEV@cloud customers to access Deployit,” said Andrew Phillips, VP Products. “This means it will show up in the default list of ‘Available plugins’ in DEV@cloud and make accessing our deployment automation as simple as possible.”

“CloudBees is focused on helping our users accelerate application delivery, leveraging cloud efficiencies,” said Andrew Lee, vice-president of business development, CloudBees. “By adding Deployit to the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem, our customers can now streamline and accelerate application deployment.”

More detailed information can be found on the plugin documentation page at:

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