Azure integration with XL Deploy

The XebiaLabs Azure integration for XL Deploy allows you to work with Microsoft Azure by:

  • Creating resource groups
  • Provisioning virtual machines and deploying applications to those virtual machines
  • Deploying network configurations such as virtual networks (VNets), subnets, routing tables, network interfaces and public IP addresses
  • Deploying load balancing configurations such as load balancers and availability sets
  • Deploying storage configurations such as storage accounts and blob containers
  • Deploying content to blob containers
  • Deploying security configurations such as security groups and associating security roles with them
  • Configuring App Service plans and deploying web apps and web jobs
  • Deploying functions to Azure Functions
  • Deploying container groups and containers to Azure Container Instance

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XebiaLabs customers can access from the XebiaLabs Customer Distribution site.


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Cloud / IaaS / PaaS, Containerization

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