BizTalk Plugin:

Microsoft BizTalk Server automates business processes through the use of adapters that communicate with various software systems.

XebiaLabs' BizTalk plugin for XL Deploy can:

  • Create and destroy applications in the BizTalk database
  • Start and stop BizTalk applications as necessary
  • Add and remove BizTalk and plain assemblies to/from the BizTalk database
  • Import BizTalk bindings files into the BizTalk database
  • Import BizTalk Business Rule Engine (BRE) vocabularies into the BizTalk database
  • Import, deploy, and undeploy BRE rules in the BizTalk database
  • Install BizTalk and plain assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) on every BizTalk server (host)


  • Product:   XL Deploy
  • Plugin Type:   Business Process Management
  • Support Type:   XebiaLabs Supported
  • Created By:   XebiaLabs
  • Website:   View Website
  • Documentation:   View Documentation

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