Scaling Enterprise Software Delivery for Cloud, Container, and Legacy Environments

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform provides the intelligence, automation, and control that technical and business teams need for Continuous Delivery at enterprise scale. It’s the backbone for comprehensive release orchestration, managing your end-to-end DevOps toolchain and delivering full visibility into the entire software delivery process.


DevOps Intelligence

Get unprecedented insight into and decision support for your software delivery process.

Release Orchestration

Orchestrate the full release pipeline across technical and business teams, managing automated and manual steps.

Deployment Automation

Automate and standardize complex deployments in cloud, container, and legacy environments.

Software Pipeline
  • Comprehensive ARO solution, including automated application deployment, advanced release orchestration and DevOps Intelligence
  • Helps teams do DevOps on any architecture, from mainframe, to hybrid clouds, to containers, to a mixture of them all
  • Orchestrates and optimizes release flow for all of the tools in your software delivery pipeline, like Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Docker, Jira and hundreds of others
  • Top-ranked DevOps technology, designed for enterprises who need to deliver software quickly, with high quality and full compliance: model-based, agentless, and easy to use—whether you prefer GUI or “as-code” interactions
DevOps Intelligence:
Measure and optimize DevOps performance with goal-based KPIs

Is your team implementing DevOps but struggling to fully understand the impact of your initiatives? Are you making decisions “in the dark,” based on incomplete and subjective data? Do you need guidance and recommended actions to help optimize delivery processes according to DevOps best practices?

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform offers the first goal-based DevOps Intelligence solution that delivers integrated KPIs to show the health of your Continuous Delivery pipeline. It combines DevOps best practices with historical analysis, machine learning, and data from across your toolchain to show trends, predict outcomes, and recommend actions. With XebiaLabs, you can optimize your software delivery value stream, drive ROI, and mitigate risk.

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Release Orchestration:
Manage the most advanced release pipelines with ease

Do you release software fast enough to meet your business’s demands? With the quality you want and the consistency you need? Are you on top of release dependencies? Or do you scramble to keep everyone apprised of ever-changing release status and slip release dates with painful regularity?

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform empowers you to orchestrate, automate, control and visualize your Continuous Delivery pipelines from end to end. It creates standardized release processes and automatically captures the data you need to meet the stringent governance requirements that haunt most enterprises today. Even better, its “your mode” design makes it ideal for members of all teams, from business users to programmers. Give everyone detailed visibility into release progress, so teams can find and fix problems early, mitigate risk, and optimize the delivery process across your organization!

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Deployment Automation:
Automate and standardize complex application deployments

Is your deployment process manual, error-prone, and way too slow? Do you want to enable your developers to release their own code, but still maintain control? Are you containerizing applications and moving them to the cloud?

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform automates application deployments to any environment so your releases can occur in a repeatable, standard and efficient way, whether you have legacy apps, mainframe resources, cloud deployments, container architectures, or any combination. The end result? Higher quality software delivered faster — at enterprise scale.

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“A large and complex organization like KeyBank, with several hundred applications, requires security, governance, and traceability for all its application releases. Moreover, organizations that are striving to remove bottlenecks and meet the speed of the business need a powerful and simple means to execute each release. XebiaLabs has provided us a platform that can automate even our most complex software applications quickly and reliably.”

- John Rzeszotarski, SVP, Director of Continuous Delivery and Feedback, KeyBank

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Meet Software Delivery Challenges with XebiaLabs



Lack of standardization across the organization

Reusable, standardized, automated process, from code to test to production

DevOps that’s primarily focused on technical users

DevOps designed for all participants in the process—Dev, Ops, PM, Compliance, Business

DevOps efforts are not transferable from one team, project, or technology to another

Easy to reuse and implement across all apps and environments, from middleware and mainframes to containers and the cloud

Scripted pipelines are impossible to scale and hard to maintain and transfer

Highly efficient to scale across a large number of teams and applications

In practice, developer flexibility takes priority over security, compliance, and governance

Flexible developer self-service with built-in controls for security and fully auditable processes

Lack of visibility to help you avoid failures and make impactful changes to the process

Unmatched release visibility, insight, and predictive analytics for decision support

Audit and compliance requirements slow down teams and introduce risk

Enforce continuous compliance by building it into the release process, automatically

Security and risk management teams are excluded from DevOps initiatives

Left-shift security and risk mitigation efforts and ensure they happen early in the delivery pipeline


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