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Manage, orchestrate and visualize software release pipelines from end to end, with simplicity and flexibility.

Does your process support releasing software as quickly as you need to, with the quality you want? Do your releases trigger lost nights and lost hair?

XL Release lets you manage, control and visualize your Continuous Delivery pipelines so you can find and fix problems early and optimize the process.

  • Gradually adopt Continuous Delivery: start today without massive change
  • Easily identify brittle processes and bottlenecks
  • Comprehensive dashboard and reports provide the data you need to make the best decisions at all times
  • Simplify and encourage collaboration
  • Stop managing release checklists and start managing the holistic release process
  • Integrates with the other tools in your environment: Open architecture works with all your tooling. After all, CI Tools like Jenkins are not built for CD Management.

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Automate application deployments so releases occur in a repeatable, standard and efficient way.

Is your release cycle too slow? Is your process manual and error-prone? Do you use tools that require hand scripting to get deployments to happen?

XL Deploy automates your application deployments so releases can occur in a repeatable, standard and efficient way. The end result? Higher quality software delivered faster – at scale.

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce software defects
  • Ensure regulatory and audit compliance
  • Improve collaboration between teams
  • No need to install and maintain deployment agents in each environment
  • Model-driven approach makes changes a breeze. No need to maintain scripts or workflows.
  • Easily roll back deployments
  • Recover more quickly from failures
  • Release with consistency and high quality

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Manage, execute and optimize tests and test data across all testing tools in your environment.

XL Test is the first test management tool that allows you to define, execute and analyze all tests relevant to your application’s quality.

Easily manage complex test sets, define appropriate test set and have them automatically configured for the test environment, execute tests across a wide, extensible spectrum of test tools.

  • Define Test Suites Across All of Your Favorite Test Tools
  • Automatically Prepare, Execute and Track Test Sets
  • Analyze and Optimize Your Tests to Maximize Quality
  • Quickly Identify and Reproduce Test Failures

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