DevOps Intelligence for Your End-to-end Release Pipeline

Optimize software delivery and drive results

Measure and optimize DevOps performance to maximize ROI

  • Optimize software delivery with goal-based DevOps KPIs
  • Support decisions with data-driven DevOps recommendations
  • Identify trends and predict release risk
  • See the impact of your DevOps initiatives

Value Stream KPIs for DevOps

Track DevOps performance and gain actionable insight across your complete software delivery value stream. Analyze your software value stream across tools and stages, from Dev to Production. And get clear context for your metrics to understand the meaning behind the numbers, so you can best direct efforts to continuously improve.

Capture and Prove Your Software Chain of Custody

Software Chain of Custody provides the evidence about everything that happens in your software delivery pipeline. Just as the chain of custody for a piece of evidence involved in a legal case proves that evidence was handled properly, the software chain of custody proves what happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who made it happen. XebiaLabs is in the unique position of orchestrating the DevOps toolchain, making us the only platform that can collect, deliver, and analyze the data across it. Use XebiaLabs to help you build software right… and prove you did.

Predictive Analytics that Identify Trends and Highlight Risk

Spot positive and negative trends, anomalies, at-risk areas, and high-and low-performing processes, so you can address problems before they become failures. Accelerate “concept to cash” for new features by avoiding bottlenecks, improving rate of successful releases, and replicating high-performing processes.

One Control Panel for DevOps Impact and ROI

Share the impact of your activities and demonstrate ROI to stakeholders with dashboards specifically curated for DevOps. Leverage deep end-to-end analysis that spans your entire Continuous Delivery pipeline. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform presents a dynamic, living infographic of past, present, and predicted future states of your release pipeline, in a single holistic view.

Instant Push-button Audit Report

XebiaLabs provides the world’s only on-demand audit report that spans your complete software delivery pipeline. Get a detailed report in spreadsheet format of every activity that happened in your release, across tools. Push the button, get the report. You’re done.

“Clear metrics based on best practices are essential for the success of DevOps initiatives. Companies have struggled for years to properly assess the overall impact of their efforts to improve software delivery.”

-Nicole Forsgren, Founder and CEO of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)

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