Your DevOps Process: End-to-End

Scaling Enterprise Software Delivery for Cloud, Container, and Legacy Environments

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform powers the end-to-end Continuous Delivery process for many of the world’s most competitive companies, helping them create faster, safer and better software.

Release Orchestration

One view—all pipelines, all tools, all teams

  • Orchestrate, automate, and analyze the entire software release pipeline
  • Control releases, standardize processes, track software chain of custody, and bake compliance and security into DevOps
  • Manage releases, view status, and understand expected risk of automated and manual steps, whether you’re a developer or a VP of IT
  • Identify bottlenecks, reduce errors, and lower the likelihood of release failures


Deployment Automation

Enterprise-scale Application Release Automation for every environment

  • Automate and standardize complex deployments to cloud, container, and legacy systems
  • Speed up deployment time while greatly reducing errors and failed deployments
  • Create standardized, best-practice, audit-ready deployments, usable by all teams
  • Enable self-service deployment while maintaining governance and control


DevOps Intelligence

Measure and optimize DevOps performance to maximize ROI

  • Optimize your software delivery value stream, see the impact of your DevOps initiatives, drive ROI, and mitigate problems before they occur
  • Support decisions with data-driven DevOps recommendations, based on historical analysis, machine learning, and data from across your toolchain
  • Identify trends, get recommendations for optimization, and predict risk for overall releases and individual tasks
  • Always know release status and prove compliance with clear dashboards and comprehensive push-button spreadsheet reports


Streamline DevOps with XebiaLabs

  • Optimize Continuous Delivery
  • Ready-to-go DevOps on any architecture
  • Connect all of the tools in your software delivery pipeline
  • Innovate with top-ranked DevOps technology: model-based, agentless, and easy to use for all teams
Enterprise DevOps Process

It’s critical for us to have a repeatable software delivery process that provides the infrastructure we need to scale. Now I can tie together all the tools and architectures in our environments, from middleware and legacy systems to containers and microservices, and get the overarching IT governance our enterprise needs.

—Enterprise Service Architect, XebiaLabs customer


Enterprise DevOps Is Hard — We Make It Easy

Challenges Limiting DevOps

Lack of standardization across the organization

DevOps that’s primarily focused on technical users

DevOps efforts are not transferable from one team, project, or technology to another

Scripted pipelines are impossible to scale and hard to maintain and transfer

In practice, developer flexibility takes priority over security, compliance, and governance

Lack of visibility to help you avoid failures and make impactful changes to the process

Audit and compliance requirements slow down teams and introduce risk

Security and risk management teams are excluded from DevOps initiatives

XebiaLabs Enterprise DevOps

Reusable, standardized, automated process, from code to test to production

DevOps designed for all participants in the process—Dev, Ops, PM, Compliance, Business

Easy to reuse and implement across all apps and environments, from middleware and mainframes to containers and the cloud

Highly efficient to scale across a large number of teams and applications

Flexible developer self-service with built-in controls for security and fully auditable processes

Unmatched release visibility, insight, and predictive analytics for decision support

Enforce continuous compliance by building it into the release process, automatically

Left-shift security and risk mitigation efforts and ensure they happen early in the delivery pipeline

Unify All Your DevOps Tools
in One DevOps Platform

XebiaLabs created the Periodic Table of DevOps to help you understand what’s relevant in the landscape and to help you build your own DevOps Pipeline Diagram. No matter how complex your pipeline, XebiaLabs provides one tool to rule them all.

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