Reliable deployments for global enterprises

Scale application deployments exponentially

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform’s Satellite feature enables enterprises to scale application deployments exponentially across on-premises infrastructure, remote data centers, and public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Satellite ensures smooth and stable deployments to globally distributed environments, even in the face of unreliable network connections.

The Problem

Enterprises today need to execute many complex, long-running deployments in parallel, across a variety of environments: from on-premises infrastructure, to globally distributed data centers, to public, private, and hybrid cloud. Scaling deployment workloads without sacrificing efficiency or slowing down the software delivery pipeline is hard. And when high-latency, low-bandwidth networks are in the mix, deployment becomes even more challenging. When software artifacts can’t be transferred quickly or reliably, and network outages bring deployments to a halt, it’s impossible to carry out truly global deployments.

The Solution: Satellite Technology with XebiaLabs

Satellite is an add-on module for XL Deploy that provides remote deployment execution engines in your infrastructure: on-premises, in remote data centers, or in the cloud. Satellites are stand-alone processes located in your infrastructure, close to your hosts. Working with these satellites, XebiaLabs orchestrates deployments efficiently, reliably, and securely: it uploads files (artifacts) and commands to satellites in advance of actual deployment, then when everything is ready, triggers deployments across the globe.

Satellites not only greatly reduce bandwidth usage on expensive and often-overloaded networks, they also simplify deployments from Unix to Microsoft Windows networks.

Benefits of XebiaLabs Satellite

  • Infinite scalability: Offload deployment work to satellites across your infrastructure. Satellites do the heavy lifting without slowing down the Continuous Delivery pipeline. Allow teams to deploy in parallel without negatively impacting other teams’ deployments.
  • Fault tolerance and reliability: Network failures cause software failures. If you lose network connection to a satellite during deployment, the deployment can continue. Once the connection is restored, the satellites report that deployment was successful.
  • Reduced network traffic: Transfer application artifacts to satellites, not to each deployment target. Substantially reducing network traffic substantially reduces costs for expensive global infrastructure.
  • Reduced application downtime: Artifacts are staged through satellites in advance, so deployment isn’t delayed by slow file transfers or network outages, minimizing application downtime. After the satellites report that deployment has completed successfully, XebiaLabs cleans up staged artifacts, so disk space isn’t wasted.
  • Increased security: The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform only needs access to its satellites, not every deployment target. Servers, virtual machines, and containers remain protected. Potential hackers can only get to the satellite, not each deployment target.
  • Simpler connections from Linux to Windows: Deploying applications across operating systems—from Unix to Windows—becomes faster and easier.
  • Built-in load balancing: Organize satellites in groups and XebiaLabs will balance the deployment load. If one satellite in a remote data center fails, tasks can be moved to another satellite and the deployment can continue.
  • Agentless execution: As the first agentless remote execution framework, Satellite delivers decentralized distribution and easy access to local networks, while still providing the key advantage of agentless technology… no need to install, maintain, audit, or allocate resources to agents on every server.
  • Easy for everyone to use: A friendly graphical user interface allows both technical and non-technical users to monitor satellite activity, manage deployments running on satellites, and perform maintenance tasks.

“Since implementing XebiaLabs, we have achieved consistent deployment and release processes, and gained visibility into the bottlenecks of our processes.”

— Matt Cipollone,Enterprise Build Automation Manager, Paychex