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Reliable deployments for global enterprises

Satellite executes deployments at remote data centers reliably and securely, at scale. It ensures smooth and stable deployments to globally distributed environments, even in the face of unreliable network connections.

The Problem

Enterprises today have multiple data centers distributed across the globe, often connected through critical but high-latency, low-bandwidth networks. When software artifacts can’t be transferred quickly or reliably, it’s impossible to carry out truly global deployments, even with standard agents. Networks get clogged with traffic or go down altogether, files are not completely transferred… and deployments fail.

The Solution: Satellite Technology with XL Deploy

Satellite is an add-on module for XL Deploy that provides a satellite execution engine at each data center. Our satellites are stand-alone processes located in your infrastructure, close to your hosts. Working with these satellites, XL Deploy orchestrates your deployments efficiently, reliably and securely: it uploads files (artifacts) and commands to the satellites in advance of actual deployment, then when everything is ready, triggers deployments across the globe.

Satellites not only greatly reduce bandwidth usage on expensive and often-overloaded networks, they also simplify deployments from Linux to Windows networks.

Benefits of XL Satellite

  • Fault tolerance and reliability: Network failures cause software failures. The Satellite module sends all files in advance, confirms all files transferred correctly… and then deploys them globally all at the same time. If you lose your network connection to the satellite during deployment, the deployment can continue. Once the connection is restored, the satellite reports that deployment was successful.
  • Reduced network traffic: deploy artifacts to only one satellite per data center, not every server. Substantially reducing network traffic substantially reduces costs for expensive global infrastructure.
  • Synchronization: Artifacts are staged through target satellites in advance, so deployment can happen all at once, when you’re ready. XL Deploy copies all artifacts to this host before executing your deployment, ensuring that the downtime of your app is minimized. After the satellites report that deployment has completed successfully, XL Deploy cleans up the staging directories.
  • Security: XL Deploy only needs access to the satellite, not every server. The servers can remain protected on the company network and do not require external XL Deploy accounts. Potential hackers could only get to the satellite, not each server.
  • Simpler connections from Linux to Windows: Deploying applications across domains – from Linux to Windows – becomes faster and easier
  • No need to install agents on endpoints: As the first agentless remote execution framework, the Satellite module delivers decentralized distribution and easy access to local networks, while still providing the key advantage of agentless technology… no need to install, maintain, audit or allocate resources to agents on every endpoint

Together with the Satellite module, XL Deploy offers the first and only hassle-free, resilient, fault-tolerant global application deployment solution, designed to make enterprise deployments go smoothly. If your network has bandwidth, latency, or reliability issues, there’s no better way to ensure fast and error-free deployments.

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