XL JetPack Frequently Asked Questions

What is XL JetPack?

XL JetPack is the first DevOps technology that enables development teams to release applications securely to the cloud in just 15 minutes. XL JetPack includes all the critical components necessary for fast, error-free cloud migrations, including: advanced release orchestration, deployment automation, built-in compliance and security functions, and best practice “blueprints” for continuous delivery pipelines, complete with integrations to popular development tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, and AWS CloudFormation.

How can I buy XL JetPack?

You can purchase an annual subscription for one team with up to 10 user and 2000 runs for $499 per month (12-month subscription billed annually). Contact us and a friendly customer advisor will respond right away.

What if I need more users or runs?

You can add more user and run packs at any time by contacting us.

What is included in the subscription?

XL JetPack includes modules for release orchestration and deployment automation, a command-line interface, and access to our blueprint and integration library. The subscription provides a single instance for one team working together on the same apps or projects and the purchased number of users and runs. Users refers to named users who are participating in the process of developing or releasing software with XL JetPack. Additionally, you have access to the XebiaLabs Community Forum.

What are runs?

Runs help us measure how much heavy lifting XL JetPack does for your team. A “run” is generated by 1) the start of a release or pipeline template, 2) the start of a deployment plan, and/or 3) the start of a provisioning activity. A run can occur at any stage in the software development, release, or delivery process (e.g. development, test, or production). Each run is counted as soon as it commences, regardless of the app size, time, amount of code, or eventual completion of the run.

FOR NEW CUSTOMERS: Our goal is to provide a package with plenty of runs for a dev team’s typical use. To help you gain experience with your run count, we are offering all new customers who purchase XL JetPack before June 30, 2019, unlimited runs for the first year of their subscription.

For more details about runs and users, please review our subscription agreement.

How can I get help and support if I have any questions?

Please check out the XL JetPack online documentation for detailed product information, how-to articles, and best practices. You can also visit the XebiaLabs Community Forum any time. It is full of helpful tips and our team is actively engaged to answer your questions.

Can I get professional services?

Our services team and the implementation experts from our extensive system integration partner network are happy to help. For more information, please contact us.

Can I build my own blueprints?

We provide a number of blueprints out of the box, but you can easily customize them according to your needs or create your own. Learn more about blueprints on our documentation site.

What integrations with other products are available?

XL JetPack integrates with many popular development, operations, and DevOps tools. See a complete list.

Is XL JetPack suited for teams with enterprise requirements?

XebiaLabs has pioneered release orchestration and deployment automation for DevOps and Continuous Delivery across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments. Now we’ve wrapped up our best practices and tools into one convenient package for your team, so you can launch successful, efficient, automated cloud deployments, faster than ever. This means that the software has been battle-tested by some of the largest and most demanding IT teams in the world.

How is XL JetPack different from the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform?

XL JetPack is designed to provide the comprehensive release orchestration and deployment automation you need to get your apps to the cloud—fast, flawless, and safe. For this, we selected the functionality teams need, and made it easy to get it up and running quickly. For larger teams working on other DevOps projects, the top-ranked XebiaLabs DevOps Platform may be of interest. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform offers additional modules, more enterprise features such as SSO and high availability, as well as dedicated enterprise support.