Jet-propel your apps to the cloud

Fast, flawless and safe production deployments

Introducing XL JetPack

XL JetPack’s release orchestration, deployment automation and pre-built templates provide the turbo-boost your apps need for a smooth flight to the cloud. Just check in your code and press the launch button. Then buckle up, sit back, and let your Continuous Delivery pipelines fly.

  • Push your apps to Production in the cloud in 15 minutes—automate the most complex pipelines and deployments through easy-to-use declarative DSL—no low-level scripting. It’s just YAML.
  • Get hands-free connected pipelines—fully supported integrations with your favorite tools—like Jenkins, Ansible, and CloudFormation—drive your pipelines all the way to Production.
  • Go fast—increase velocity with best-practice blueprints, knowing delivery and quality standards are met as soon as you push. It’s simple to version and share your apps and reuse delivery pipelines.
  • Share the lovecollaborate and give visibility to your team for friction-free launches, reliable releases, and continuous improvement.
  • Automate reporting and compliance requirements—they just happen, no interruptions and no extra work.


Unify Mission Control with Release Orchestration

So many important things happen in a launch. Make sure the right steps happen in the right order, with the right information propagated to the right places…and log it all. Get the most powerful release orchestration for all tools in your pipeline, so you can launch your app from concept to cloud.

Set Launch Coordinates for Multi-cloud Deployment Automation

Set your navigation coordinates before you blast off. Follow a tested, repeatable process to deploy apps from Dev to Test to UAT to Production environments on any platform, on any cloud… and avoid those failed missions and 2 a.m. on-call nightmares.

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Blast Off with Blueprints

Blueprints are the turbo-boost for getting your apps to the cloud fast. Blast off fast and safe with immediately-usable release templates and deployment plans for cloud-based resources, based on your specific app’s parameters. Get best-practice scaffolding, correct cloud configurations, proven reusable processes, and inter-tool coordination, all ready to go. Customize to make the blueprint your own, then share it with others to help them move fast too.

Control the Launch from your Command Line

Manage releases in a few keystrokes: invoke blueprints, start releases and deployments, and import and export configurations, release templates, and deployment information for fast spin-up of complete release pipelines and cloud deployments.

“XebiaLabs has enabled us to seamlessly transition from on-premise deployments to cloud deployments, providing a core foundation that makes cloud migration painless for developers. If it hadn’t been for XebiaLabs as a keystone foundation, our cloud transition would be a much grander effort.”

—Global Insurance DevOps Office, XebiaLabs customer

Collaborate with Pipeline Views and Status for All

Let your whole team see what’s happening when, across all tools in your pipeline. Release overview and risk views make it easy to follow release, task and deployment status. Automatic risk scoring and built-in alerts let everyone know when trouble is lurking, so teams can avoid launch-pad explosions. Built-in approvals and gates ensure the right people see what they need to see, at exactly the right time.

Monitor Launches with Comprehensive Dashboards

Get continuous insight, understand complex deployments and track release performance both real-time and over time. Purpose-built and customizable dashboards highlight performance, deployment activity, environment status, and security and test coverage so you can launch safely, monitor trends and continuously improve. Spot errors immediately and attack bottlenecks head-on as team, based on real data, for flawless launches every time.

Compliance and Security without Complaints

Keep the compliance team off your back or better yet, make them part of your team. Get full chain-of-custody reporting with all the details you need to meet enterprise audit requirements, without extra coding or meetings. Ensure the right governance processes and security steps are followed, whether for cloud deployments, hybrid, or on-premise. Best of all, everything is logged in a form that’s easy for Audit and Compliance teams to use directly, so they have a full-fledged seat at the DevOps table.


Add Fuel to Your JetPack:

Choose a Blueprint

As easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose your blueprint
  2. Answer the questions to provide your settings
  3. Apply ready-to-go templates to orchestrate releases and deploy applications

Cloud and Continuous Delivery Experience Codified

Over the last 10 years, XebiaLabs has pioneered release orchestration and deployment automation for DevOps and CD, across on-prem, hybrid and cloud environments. Now we’ve wrapped up our best practices and tools into one convenient package for your team so you can launch successful, efficient, automated cloud deployments, faster than ever.

A Celestial Experience

  • Automate proven techniques and settings, in repeatable processes
  • Write awesome functionality, not scripts for plumbing, pipelines or infrastructure
  • Set your baseline higher with ready-to-go blueprints
  • Help teams do seamless and compliant cloud deployments, even if they aren’t experts
  • Avoid the earth-shattering kaboom

Blast off to the Heavens with XL JetPack


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