Gartner: DevOps Success Requires Shift-Right Testing in Production

Adopting DevOps helps organizations keep up with the growing demand to deliver business value with increasing speed and continuously meet customer needs. At the same time, increasing the frequency of deployments to production also introduces challenges such as maintaining stability, mitigating risk, and ensuring that everyone in the IT organization has the proper skills to keep up with the rapid pace.

To successfully deal with these challenges, I&O leaders embarking on their DevOps journey must adopt shift-right testing practices. While testing in production may be a scary concept, it will ultimately delight your customers, invigorate your engineers, and build the “all hands” culture you want across your DevOps teams.

By reading this complimentary report, we believe you will learn how to:

  • Adopt “shift-right” testing practices by increasing your teams’ confidence in rapid deployments and continuously leveraging feedback from Production
  • Deploy software during regular business hours by modernizing teams’ skills and practicing and performing the different roles, steps, and methodologies of contemporary application releases
  • Make application launch a full team effort by scaling deployment skills development and training

Gartner, DevOps Success Requires Shift-Right Testing in Production, Jim Scheibmeir, Christopher Little, 15 January 2019

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