Geospatial Product and Service Provider

How Geospatial Achieved ROI of $100,000 Per Day

The Environment

  • Industry: Satellite imagery-based products and services.
  • Organization: A publicly-traded U.S. company and leading provider of government and commercial geospatial solutions.
  • Customers: Defense and intelligence, public safety, civil agencies, map making and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management, navigation technology, and providers of location-based services.

The Challenge

  • Extended deployment times that often stretched to days
  • Extreme use of specialized resources (Dev, CM, and Ops)
  • Unstable builds causing unreliable deployments

The Solution

XL Deploy is the market-leading Application Release Automation solution. The technology helps customers across all industries drive financial and business value by automating application deployment, improving visibility and ensuring compliance, while saving on operational costs.

XL Deploy transforms how enterprises release applications into middleware and cloud environments. The solution gives companies the power to automatically deploy applications securely and reliably. XL Deploy has proven to be the fastest, most cost-effective, and most scalable way to deploy applications, particularly in complex multi-tier enterprise ecosystems.


  • No agents to be installed on target servers
  • Fantastic extensibility of the deployment model
  • Highly efficient self-service user interface
  • Powerful reporting and visibility
  • Fast ROI


The company has hundreds of applications, in-house and customer-facing, written in various languages and frameworks.

  • There were very long delays between new ideas and application realization
  • Deployment was a manually-intensive process
  • Extended deployments were common
  • More than 100 developers distributed around the globe
  • Large data center footprint
  • Dispersed IT infrastructure
  • Growing IaaS practice


Geospatial adopted an Agile development methodology that worked in two week sprints, with deployments to Test twice a week, deployments to Production once a week, major updates once a month, and major releases once a quarter.

Like John Deere, GE, and Xerox, the company understood that quality of software was critical to improving not only time to market, but the overall experience of the customer. The company used automation less than 40% of the time and was therefore looking for a standard way to deliver software across the enterprise. This was the major impetus behind their initiative to introduce Delivery Automation.

“Running multiple significantly increased the complexity factor,” the customer said. “We wanted to either build or buy a Continuous Delivery (CD) solution to give us the ability to improve our creation and delivery of software.”

The company initially chose to proceed with a CD solution based on Jenkins, the well-known Continuous Integration tool. The company spent 13 months developing a solution that ultimately didn’t meet its expected goal, which prompted the Deployment team to evaluate XL Deploy last year.

More Agile Since Adopting XL Deploy

The company’s CD initiative, based around XL Deploy, began in October 2013 with a pilot project focused on one of the company’s less complex, customer-facing programs. Before starting the pilot, the company spent months putting XL Deploy through its paces.

“For the pilot, we chose one of our customer-facing applications, as they are less complicated than our internal ones,” the customer said. “Our strategy was to take baby steps, learn from our mistakes, and perfect our adoption of Continuous Delivery by making critical measurements that would enable us to track the continual improvements we made in software delivery.”

The customer added that XL Deploy gave the company the flexibility, ease-of-use, and powerful automation to advance its Agile methodology.

Satisfaction with XL Deploy

After using XL Deploy for just a few months, the company was able to:

  • Achieve a staggering ROI of up to $100,000 per day
  • Substantially reduce deployment times by days
  • Vastly improve the reliability and quality of deployments
  • Eliminate deployment-related downtime
  • Implement a standardized process of automating software deployment
  •  Integrate Jenkins and Puppet with XL Deploy, to provide a more robust CD platform
geospatial continuous delivery case study

“Running multiple significantly increased the complexity factor,” the customer said. “We wanted to either build or buy a Continuous Delivery solution to give us the ability to improve our creation and delivery of software.”