NetDespatch & XL Deploy Satellite

How NetDespatch Ensures Reliable Deployments Worldwide with XL Deploy’s Satellite Module

Satellite is an add-on module for XL Deploy that executes deployments at remote data centers reliably and securely, at scale. It ensures smooth and stable deployments to globally distributed environments, even in the face of unreliable network connections.

The Challenge

NetDespatch is the leading SaaS retail logistics integration platform, processing millions of transactions per month. They have the kind of complex environment that is typically found in very large enterprises, where platforms are often not co-located. This geographic distribution of platforms may be done for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Isolation of sensitive data (e.g. in-country)
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Isolation from other customers
  • Disaster recovery locations
  • Unreliable global networks

To cope with the challenges involved in deploying to servers worldwide, NetDespatch added XL Deploy’s Satellite module, which lets enterprises reliably execute deployments to remote data centers.


What are Satellites?

Satellites are stand-alone processes that are located in a company’s infrastructure, close to the hosts. XL Deploy orchestrates deployments by sending commands and uploading artifacts to its satellites. The satellite module maintains XL Deploy’s agentless approach, so there’s no need to install something on every server; a company only needs one satellite per data center. The satellite approach removes the frequent delays that plague deployments across global networks.

How do Satellites Help NetDespatch?

Some of the NetDespatch artifacts are quite large – up to 200-300MB even when compressed. XL Satellite deploys artifacts to only one satellite per data center, not every server, so it reduces network track and related costs. It also ensures the artifacts are successfully transferred before the deployment. Then deployment can happen immediately once the Go button is pushed, even if there’s a drop in network connectivity. The NetDespatch team can be assured that deployments happened successfully, and that downtime is minimized.

“Part of the appeal of XL Deploy is its agentless approach. We always knew there was a potential issue with the agent-based tool we looked at, because you’d have to distribute over the wire. As time goes by, the Satellite module and its agentless architecture are fundamental for our team. We could never get deployment time down to six minutes [from two hours] without it.”

—Matthew Clarke, CTO, NetDespatch