Deliver More Customer Value with Value Stream Management


Now more than ever, it’s critical that enterprises drive customer engagement and focus on customer satisfaction. With so many complex processes and DevOps initiatives, how do teams know which core components are truly driving customer and business benefits? The answer is Value Stream Management.

With Value Stream Management, organizations can pinpoint the issues that take away from customer value and get visibility into what areas matter most, and teams can demonstrate the value of their software development and delivery efforts across the entire company.

Watch this on-demand webinar with DevOps enthusiast Gene Kim and hosted by Eric Robertson, VP Product Marketing Management, from CollabNet VersionOne XebiaLabs to learn why companies should incorporate business value at every stage of the software delivery cycle and how Value Stream Management enables teams to:

  • Manage and monitor the software delivery life cycle from end-to-end
  • Increase efficiency through better visibility, data analytics, reporting, and mapping
  • Safely and independently develop, test, and deploy value to the customer
  • Create a culture of continuous delivery and improvement across the entire organization


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Gene Kim
DevOps Enthusiast

Eric Robertson
VP Product Marketing Management
CollabNet VersionOne XebiaLabs

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