Demo: Simplify Your End-to-End DevOps Process

Delivering software applications to production faster and more reliably has become imperative to the future success of any business. As organizations try to reduce time-to-market while offering freedom for developers, they constantly face complex challenges: legacy platforms, manual activities, regulatory requirements, security, scale, and much more can slow down software releases.

XebiaLabs (now XL Release and XL Deploy deliver the intelligence, automation, and control that technical and business teams need for Continuous Delivery at enterprise scale. They provide the backbone for DevOps release automation, complement existing tools, and enable full visibility across the entire software delivery process, end-to-end.

Watch this recording to get an overview of XL Release and XL Deploy capabilities, features, and benefits. In a live production environment, we also show you how to:

  • Manage and automate the end-to-end software delivery pipeline for any application
  • Measure and optimize DevOps performance to maximize ROI
  • Prove end-to-end compliance of your software delivery pipelines and create click-of-a-button audit reporting
  • Connect all your DevOps tools and manage their interactions
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