Building a Software Chain of Custody: A Guide for CTOs, CIOs, and Enterprise DevOps Teams


In today’s software-driven world, the integrity of software assets isn’t just a regulatory and compliance requirement, it’s critical for maintaining trust and avoiding irreparable damage to your brand and reputation.

Much like the way a legal chain of custody ensures the integrity of a piece of evidence, the Software Chain of Custody enables you to prove the integrity of software assets and protect your organization.

Download this paper to learn how you can build and benefit from a Software Chain of Custody that automatically captures and contextualizes the critical data you need to prove the integrity of your software planning, development, and delivery processes, from end to end.

Learn how a Software Chain of Custody:

  • Proves what happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who made it happen during the software delivery process—from the time you plan features through the time they’re deployed in production.
  • Feeds valuable contextual data into Value Stream Management, so enterprises can analyze and continuously improve software delivery processes.
  • Frees product owners, release managers, and engineers from wasting hours and hours of time piecing together data and creating incomplete audit reports.

XebiaLabs Software Chain of Custody.
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