2017 The Year DevOps Got Real


It’s a fact: DevOps is now mainstream. More companies are embracing DevOps to work faster and smarter. Singing its virtues is no longer necessary. Organizations far and wide already recognize the value of DevOps, and the vast majority of them have begun adopting it––although only a small minority have successfully adopted DevOps enterprise-wide.

Where does DevOps stand within this new context? What are the most interesting trends in the DevOps community now that DevOps has gone mainstream? Where should IT professionals and organizations be looking to stay ahead of the latest new developments in DevOps?

This ebook from DevOps.com answers those questions by assessing the current state of DevOps. Download this complementary report to learn:

  • How organizations view DevOps today and the extent to which they have succeeded in adopting it.
  • How DevOps tools have matured and the market is consolidating.
  • New opportunities within the DevOps community.
  • Areas in which companies can continue to deliver innovative products and services in the DevOps market, despite the maturity of some niches.
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