Exploring Microservices: 14 Questions Answered By Experts


Our recent webinar, “ Exploring the Uncharted Territory of Microservices,” featured a panel of thought leaders who combined brought more than 30 years of experience to exploring microservices and their surrounding environments.

Almost as informative as the session itself, we featured an insightful audience participation Q&A session at the end, which allowed listeners to ask questions directly to the panel. The questions and responses gave deep insight into microservices as a practice, not just a philosophy. The following questions were discussed:

  • How much do microservices breakdown n-tiers architecture? Is it just something complementary to what we are doing?
  • If you encourage data redundancy, then how do you ensure data integrity when a service call fails?
  • If we are modeling the real microservices world, do we end up with the concept of an ‘incomplete order’ in the code?
  • Are microservices considered more of an architectural strategy? Or a design/implementation style for SOA?
  • Regarding managing service dependencies, is there a generally accepted paradigm to help manage that complexity? An API gateway, an enterprise service bus, or something else, for example?
  • Since accessing the database violates the API, how would you send bulk-data from your microservices to a data warehouse?
  • When you say small changes, does that mean developed, tested, and deployed to Production?
  • How do you define a microservice and a microservices architecture?
  • What is a secure and practical way to communicate between microservices to ensure their independence while keeping a reasonable performance?
  • Are microservices suitable for Test-Driven Development?
  • Would you consider a governance structure or microservices library to keep the services “clean?”
  • Very granular services may result in information flow redirected to people, service registry, and QA to cover multi-service use cases. What is your take on that?
  • How do you know that all the major companies use microservices?
  • What is the difference between a webservice and a microservice?
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